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"How to Thrive in the current Economy"

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Your God
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God is a gift.
You have a God.

God made Himself a gift to you.
You know this?

God does not want you alone, hopeless, and discouraged.
The enemy of God wants you alone, hopeless, and discouraged.

Think straight.
God Loves You
I inherited that love and so will you.

this Love of God changes everything.
A change is happening.
Good things are happening by God,

Jesus is the Door

Do not look back.

-Daniel Boone aka Spiritblood

Have a God day

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"How to Thrive in the current Economy"

Give and it shall be given unto you
that is what I want to do for you
Do unto others
as you would want them to do for you


MOTTO: Walk in the Light and you'll be alright!

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